I'm glad that there are people now using this wiki and contributing to it but I want there to be some kind of consistency with the pages and the layout of the information. So please, if you plan on creating new pages, adding to existing ones etc. please read this

- Midas

Wiki founder and massive faggot

The Biome section

Pretty self-explanatory. This section of a board's page is about its biome and its geography. Talk about the environment, wildlife, resources, island size, location on the map etc.


This part requires a bit more consistency throughout the entire wiki. Just describe what kind of leadership the island has be it democratic, dictator, monarch. Talk about structure, the governing body's branches and leaders of the branches.


Also a section that needs more consistency. We don't need the founding father's of an island life stories, just simple dates and major events. Here are a few examples:

dd/mm/yy - Faggot 1 abdicates

dd/mm/yy - Faggot 2 is elected as leader of /board/

dd/mm/yy - /board/ launches an assault on /board 2/, war declared

Stuff like that. As the server ages so will an islands history which makes the experience more fun and adds to "muh board island culture"

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