4craft: Solid is an MMO spin-off created by some autistic Canadians. It is designed to be a long-term 4craft MMO with an accompanying Discord and lots of stuff to do. There are Pokémon, lots of new dangerous enemies, and a leveling system which adds passive benefits and perks.

Install 4craft: Solid

"You spawn in the middle of the ocean in a plane wreck, immediately drowning. You have to worry about temperature and thirst, but there are lots of supplies scattered throughout the crash site. Swimming in the ocean at night for extended periods of time is a bad idea. Warm up by the fire before you depart for land on one of the boats. There is a large city full of goodies far north of the crash site, and a sign to point you north. This will eventually become the spawn point for new players. There is land much closer to the southeast.

The day/night cycle is 24 real hours. Seasons are several real weeks long. Kill everything in your path for experience points, including fish and bugs. Battling wild Pokemon will usually reward you with useful items. Band together and secure the existence of your people."

Press I to open your Skills Menu and allocate skill points.

Press H to toggle between first and third person camera

Press G to open your Inventory

Press Right Shift to bring your Pokemon out to follow you or initiate battles Press E to zoom in (useful for ranged PVP)